CarePlus Mobile Health makes it easy for you as a benefits-eligible teammate and your medically enrolled spouse or domestic partner to access TIH's well-being programs—including Peak Health, personal health information, incentive rewards, and healthy activities.

CarePlus Mobile Health is a mobile application and solution that easily allows you and your spouse or domestic partner to view:

  • Electronic copy of medical ID card
  • Health Assessment
  • Incentive opportunities
  • Peak Health program status and results
  • Medical deductible and plan summary
  • TIH benefits programs and resources

CarePlus Mobile Health Points Program

TIH invests in our teammates' well-being with the CarePlus Mobile Health Points Program. This program enables teammates to earn incentives of up to $200 annually by completing a variety of healthy behaviors, challenges, and activities. Teammates gain status designations ranging from Bronze to Titanium as accumulated points are earned. 

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Some ways to earn points:

  • Health education modules
  • Preventive exams
  • Physical activity tracking
  • Challenge completion

Start earning CarePlus points

A great way to start earning points is to complete your online Health Assessment on the CarePlus Mobile Health app or site. Go to My Rewards to learn about more ways to earn points! (You must be benefits-eligible teammate, or medically enrolled spouse or domestic partner to participate and earn rewards.)  

Gap in Care Program

Stay on top of your health care needs. Sometimes we forget important things like filling a needed prescription or scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician for an important medical test.

CarePlus' Gap in Care Program can help identify missing care needs based upon your claims and recommended best practices. CarePlus will remind you to close these gaps and reward you for doing so.

By closing any identified gaps in care, you can take charge of your health—and earn a cash incentive per care gap closure.

Eligible participants registered on CarePlus Mobile Health can earn $25 if they close their identified gap in care. Eligible participants may be identified for multiple gaps in care in a given plan year and can earn a cash incentive for each.

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Here is an example of how the Gap in Care Program works:


Anna has not had a preventive mammogram within the last two years. Anna will receive a message in the CarePlus Mobile Health App to schedule an appointment with her doctor to have a mammogram. Once Anna self-reports or a claim is processed showing evidence that Anna has had a mammogram, Anna’s gap in care is closed in the CarePlus Mobile Health App. This closure makes Anna eligible to receive a $25 incentive via payroll.

Program costs

The program does not cost you anything—it's a benefit of the TIH well-being programs.

Program eligibility

Teammates and their spouses or domestic partners who are covered by Aetna are eligible to participate and earn incentives. Eligible participants may be identified for one or multiple gaps in care in a given plan year.

Note: The Gap in Care Program is not open to dependent children or Kaiser participants.

Gap in Care Incentive Payout

TIH offers eligible participants who are registered on CarePlus Mobile Health a cash incentive if they close their identified gap in care. The average incentive per identified gap is $25. Eligible participants may be identified for multiple gaps in care in a given plan year—participants can earn a cash incentive for each gap in care identified by CarePlus.

If you or your spouse or domestic partner closes an identified gap in care by self-reporting or through a processed claim, the incentive will be included in the teammate’s TIH payroll within three to four payroll cycles following completion. You must identify the closure of gaps before the end of the year to ensure that you receive your incentive. Gaps that are not reported as closed per the CarePlus instructions by the end of the year may not qualify for an incentive in the following plan year.

Peer Challenges

CarePlus Mobile Health offers Peer Challenges to motivate participants to improve their well-being with a healthy dose of friendly competition. 

You can choose a challenge from the Peer Challenge Library on physical, mental, social, career and financial well-being topics. Invite teammates to the challenge and choose the duration of the challenge.  Leaderboards help foster accountability, connectedness, new well-being skills, and motivation. 

Access CarePlus Mobile Health

Gain access to your CarePlus Mobile Health information online or through our Mobile app. 

Online features a secure login process to protect the confidentiality of each user. As a first-time user, follow these steps to create your protected account: 

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  1. Go to 
  2. Select Register Now
  3. Enter your first name, last name, last four digits of your Social Security number, and your date of birth in a MM/DD/YYYY format 
  4. Select Register
  5. Enter a password and confirm it
  6. Choose Next and you will be redirected to the login page
  7. Sign in using the username and password you created

Once you've created an account, you'll access the site in the future by going to  and signing in with your email username and password.

Mobile app

To download the free CarePlus Mobile app, powered by Mobile Health Consumer and compatible with both Apple® and Android® products, go to your smartphone's app store and search CarePlus Mobile Health (see detailed steps below).

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Contact information

For technical assistance, contact the CarePlus Support Center at  or 888-690-7533, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.