Peak Health

TIH's premier Nurse Coaching program

By offering Peak Health, TIH is investing in its most valuable resource—teammates! You, and the many other outstanding teammates like you, are the key to achieving the TIH vision—to stand for better.

Peak Health is designed to reward you for your efforts in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

TIH wants to ensure you’re able to be your best self and offers Peak Health at no charge to you, so you can take control of your health and improve your quality of life. We also protect your medical information in the process.

Program details

The program provides health and fitness education, including disease prevention and behaviors that may be negatively affecting your physical well-being. You'll be evaluated and coached by a nurse from Peak Health who will help you establish realistic and attainable health goals. As you work toward those goals, you can advance to new phases of the program and earn higher credits.